RR Stkilda crit 11/3

Discussion in 'Australia and New Zealand' started by essendon93, Mar 10, 2007.

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    B-grade, guessing 40+ riders. 50min +3 laps

    Rode this circuit a few weeks ago in C-grade just to get the feel of a flat crit, as I've only riden at Kew which has that beloved hill. Finished with the bunch on that occasion.

    Nice conditions, a little windy out the back towards the west gate.
    The goal for the ride was to stay with the bunch, and if it was at all possible test my legs at the end in the sprint. Rode around at the back just to get settled in, then attempted to move up towards the front to make it easier for myself, but once again my issues of having riders on either side of me meant it wasn't too long before I was at the back again. Round and round we go for 48mins..when 3 laps to go is shown (I was sure it was 55min +3laps), and I'm near the back...ahhh must move up quickly...2 laps to go and I'd only pulled back a handful of places. Coming around the last corner I had to gun it up the straight to try and get a decent position for the final lap. Managed to pick an awesome wheel, and by the first corner I was third wheel, with 2 guys away up the road. It got a little messy for some of the guys in the bunch as a few A-graders got in the way. Anyway dug deep coming around the final turn to snare 4th..missing 3rd by half a wheel.

    Absolutely stoked by this result, as it was a flat crit, suited to the sprinters, which I'm not. Just hoping I can still climb reasonably well.

    Av speed approx 40.6

    Oh and they decided to pay to 5th, as the numbers were so good, and threw in a $70 700c clothing voucher yay :)

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    This blokes on fire!

    "Welcome to A Grade":)
  3. TimC

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    On 2007-03-11, Jono L (aka Bruce)
    was almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea:
    <snip another Ess good placing>
    > This blokes on fire!
    > "Welcome to A Grade":)

    Yeah, he's been sandbaggin all this time!

    NOT A CHANCE! I know for a *fact* the kittens aren't frightened
    by temporal anomalies. Clock watching simply ain't their bag.
    John Schmidt in ARK
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