RR: Summer Lovin'



Ah, the summer season has truly arrived here in the G-Spot. I went out
to Hartman's after work last night and it was fantastic. I also finally
got a new battery for my Specialized wireless computer, so I'll offer
some stats: I did about 22 Miles, 1700 vertical feet, about 2 Hours of
actual riding and my max speed was 26.5. 8 Miles of that are to get to
the trails and back on asphalt, the other 14 were almost entirely on

It was in the mid 70's when I set out and about 65 when I returned. I
only saw a few other riders near the front and had the back side all to

I climbed Jacks, spun up to Josh-O's, cruised down Broken Shovel, hooked
that into the Luge, then climbed up Alonzo's, picked my way through
Gateway, climbed over Rocky Ridge, hooked that into Hogsback, then
bombed down Beck's and and climbed through The Notch back to the front.

Everything was flowing. There were some soft sandy spots, but nothing
too deep. Much of the terrain was still very firm and fast with nice
banked turns everywhere. I saw a group of four deer and countless small
birds and rodents.

It was good.


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