RR: Tax Free Shopping



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I was lucky to have off today and I needed to buy one more gift (a
digital camera) for my parents. So I though, why not get a ride in too.
Two birds with one stone - a great ride and tax free shopping. So
with the singlespeed loaded I head down to Middle Run in Delaware. I
have never ridden this park alone, but I figured I've done it enough to
know where I am.

I start with the always fast Judge Morris trails. Trails were still
frozen which added to the super flow of the area.


I did make one wrong turn and had to back track a bit, but it just adds
to the mileage anyway. I've never really had any difficulty with this
section and today was no different. Coming around every corner and into
a climb with speed. It's nice to hardly peddle the singlespeed up the
hill. The water bars were awesome today and popping the Niner up on
them was a blast!


Into the corn fields for some more downhill with some nice jumps thrown
in. The sun was now getting warm, but this part was still frozen and
fast. I knew it wouldn't last though. Temps were expected to hit 50F
today and the mucky mess was sure to happen. So I moved even faster to
get as much riding as I could in. Of course, I had to stop and take
some pictures. The sky was so clear and the sun was highlighting the
cornstalks just right.


Across the street and into White Clay things didn't fare as well. The
sun had already starting to bake the loam. It's not a long section of
field and I new the woods would still be frozen so I braved the muck.




Do I take the Lenape Loop to the right or left? I go right towards the
church and end up crashing hard on this downhill covered in ice!


This is not a good sign. It's a fun downhill, but not sliding on your
ass half way down it. I turn around and head up. Now my ride will be
mostly uphill. No big deal and at least the ice will not be a major
factor. Even so, I still have to contend with some ice on the downhills
now and then. Just take it slow, don't make sudden turns, and NEVER hit
the brakes.


Now I come to the shortcut, but it looks very cold, so I continue
heading up Lenape.


I still have to make a creek crossing but at least there are concrete
stumps to hop across on. On the other side, the climb continues dry and
ice free.


Things flatten out a bit now and I am back with some speed. My head is
pounding from the climbs and need the break of a good downhill. It's a
short break that leads me to the bird sanctuary parking lot where I meet
up with some Delaware Trail Spinners getting ready to head out. I'm
invited to join, but I've already been out two hours and I still have to
go shopping, so I point down the Lenape trail and take another nasty
spill on a 1/4 mile stretch of ice.


It's not enough for studded tires but they sure would have helped. I
cross the creek on slippery rocks and climb the church hill back to the
car. A nice short ride, but fun none-the-less.

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