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    This was posted to our group site, too:

    OK fellow friends and BOMBers, we had some fun tonight, and missed you. Is
    it too hot? Are you all doing other things? Do you want me to start using
    deodorant again??

    Well, anyway, the Parker Brother and I met at the appointed spot, loaded the
    bikes into the Sports Utility Beater, and trundled up 8th St., to the start
    of Scott's Trail. At that point we both realized there was no way the Parker
    Rice Burner could negotiate the major tank traps and road ruts up to Scotts,
    so I dropped the mountaindewd off there on his manly Horse, the downhill
    race bike. Here we are on top of the world, about to cut the big boy loose,
    and he starts getting calls on his cell phone. "Well, I'd uh,love to talk,
    but I'm, uh, just about in the treeline, and ready to start this huge,
    downhill ride, how 'bout I call when I get down, huh?" Too funny.

    He rode down Scott's trail, a narrow twisty buttery trail ideally suited to
    cruising at altitude. Then Corrals, and was spozed to sit tight at the top
    of Bob's.

    I drove back to the 8th St. parking lot, broke out my red bike,
    affectionately named Helen Back, and was on my way to the top of Bob's when
    the Parkerissimo meets me on the Iron Stallion. The guy's got energy to

    So we book down Bob's, our only technical trail to speak of in the whole
    foothills trail system, and I'm figuring I'll do what I can, just watching
    the 8" travel wunderpig bounce over the boulders would be worth the price of
    admission. So I'm following the Crag, and he hits the big rock, you know,
    the crux move in the trail, and he just flies right over everything. It's
    ugly, it's off-camber, it's unforgiving, but dang it if it might not be
    doable by even an old coot like me. We'll see. The dh meister bounces
    through that boulder fest like it really wasn't there. He stops at the
    bottom and yells at me to try it. Yeah right, on my short-travel hard tail,
    with memories of my yr 2000 major biffster still imprinted on my
    risk-avoidance genes.

    But here's what we do, gentle folk. We set the big galoot up at the danger
    spot of the move, to spot me. So I rock on down like there's a tomorrow,
    and have to try it about 4 times before it all comes together with momentum,
    weighting and unweighting, pedalling, weight back, etc. I just let the
    bike run and bounce through it. They usually know what to do if you let
    them, ya-know. But believe me when I say there's no way on God's earth I
    would have tried this without a big spotter. Thanks to the Parker Brother.

    So, we move on to the next lousy spot, toward the end, (cleaning everything
    in between, happy to report) which is the 3' drop following the sharp rt
    turn after a creek crossing. Took me another 3 or 4 tries to clean that
    hombre too. Just too psyched out. Helps to have dad there to talk me
    through. I felt like I was 5 again learning to ride a bike without training
    wheels. Whatever it takes, I guess.

    While we were playing at this spot, a flock of peacocks roll past going the
    other way, all on mega-expensive bikes. I saw 2 Tituses, 3 Ventanas, a
    Maverick, an Ellsworth, and a Turner. Expensive bike club, eh? A couple
    were truly snobs, but one or two returned our friendly greeting. Heh! They
    were bragging that some of their members could clean the big rock, they were
    so good. Oooooh, really?!

    Wait a minute! NaNaNaNaNa! We I just rode that sucker on my old hardtail,
    and Parker nailed it like it was rolling off a curb! I did it just to prove
    once again, it's the rider, not the bike. ;~)

    Anyway, the trail was one rockin taco, with only those 2 sections giving me
    any pause, and ole Parkermingo, rhymes with Dingo, flew through it all with
    nary a care on the Man Horse.

    Good stuff, compadres, and hope more of you will join us next time.

    You know, we might be slow, but give us enough time, we're also pretty


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