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    I finally get done with work, and noice that I've got everything in
    the Sports Utility Beater except shorts. Well, that sucks. So a
    quick trip to the hacienda, pause for an enscarfment, and out the door
    bedecked in worn out Nema Jewels.

    A guy from the ID mtbr forum reminded me of a little trail by his
    house that is narrow, steep, twisty and a little technical. So I add
    that to the night's agenda. A sign says 96f, but I don't think it's
    that hot. It's actually humid, what with heavy dark clouds overhead.
    Very unusual for the land of the dry heat and sunshine.

    Get to the park, feel a few welcome raindrops as the gay roadies
    finish up some mass migration of peacocks on schmancy carbon and

    I head out behind the park, and begin the zen exercises of preparing
    my ass for a royal kicking. I'm on the singlespeed, running a
    relatively easy 32x20. I say relatively, since the hills are steep,
    sandy and I'm not getting any younger. Better looking, maybe.
    Alright, alright, back to the truth.

    So around the back of Camelsback Park, there's a left that just goes
    up to the top, and I take it. Have to stand the whole steenkin way.
    I count, I sing, I shout, I pedal, and eventually crest to the big
    plateau. You can see the whole valley here, and it is really
    beautiful. At the top, there's a guy from escapedlunatics.com to greet
    me with a "boy, that was tough, you look ok, though, what gives?" I
    don't want to encourage him, since I'm too winded to fight off any
    amorous advances or demands for change.

    Down the face, and I'm on this wonderful tight, narrow track that is
    rocky, rutted, and has a couple cool switchbacks on it. The first one
    I actually stop, look it over, then back up for another run. It is
    tight, steep, and *very* sandy. That'll work. So I roll up to it,
    point the front wheel into the apex, a brief trackstand, give a little
    front brake, swing the end around some 30 degrees, and resume
    pedalling. Thought about how Penny with her Dirt Camp degrees woulda
    handled that.

    Let out a whoop, asking the wildlife and the lunatic still above me,
    "Whoo da Man?!"

    The next switch is easier, so I cruise out this track until I come to
    some pavement. Taste my water, and I start choking! What died in
    there?! Good thing I threw a full water bottle in the Mule for safety

    Ride back up this patch of sweetness and pain, and who should I meet
    coming down, but wild-eyed loony boy himself. Big, crazy, grinning
    and mumbling something about "you just keep goin for it, dontcha
    boah?" Now he sounded like a southern sheriff.

    Make it back to the top, down the way I came, then fight my way up 3
    bigger switchbacks to Chickadee Ridge, cruise along the spine, fully
    enjoying the sunset that's fast appearing.

    Down the back side, up Uncle Stan's (Kestrel), and outrun some peacock
    on a double squish. Got too, you can't ride them one-trick monkeys
    uphill at anything but an ass-hauling pace or you stall out.

    Toward the end of this hill, I actually think, "Brown, you doofus, you
    could actually die doing this" I was pushing myself so hard. Body's
    pissed, brain is dead. They're no longer on speaking terms. So I
    slowed down and finished up, still standing, but at a walking pace.
    Legs feel funny, trying to breath with the sound of pounding in my

    Turn down the trail and take the singletrack to Military Reserve area.
    Yes, boys and girls, God's given us quite a playground. Snap around
    that lil hombre, hit lots of sand, some small off-camber drop-offs.
    Finessing the rigid Gray Lady to keep me vertical.

    Come out on the dirt road by the old military cemetary, and I'm
    cruising. Try to pedal, but I'm already topping out, so I just coast.
    Cut into the reserve, and the woods are silent, dark and deep. and
    rocky, and full of overhanging branches. It's only rock n roll, but I
    like it. come out on the big cement culvert, and bunny hop the series
    of low cement drops. Ride up out of the half pipe, thankful for good

    Roadie it up good back to the park, load the Gray Lady in the dark,
    sashay over to my favorite gas station and inhale a gallon of cold
    water and a couple foot long jerkey sticks.

    Yep, life is good.


  2. It's funny how things echo at twilight, isn't it? ....

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    Jul 24, 2003
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    >Stephen Baker>
    It's funny how things echo at twilight, isn't it? ....


    It's ok I liked it so much I read it twice...

    Brings it all back.

    Jimbo... I miss that place... and those people...(san)
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    [email protected] (Paladin) wrote in message news:<[email protected]>...
    > I finally get done with work, and noice that I've got everything in
    > the Sports Utility Beater except shorts. Well, that sucks. So a
    > quick trip to the hacienda, pause for an enscarfment, and out the door
    > bedecked in worn out Nema Jewels.

    <snip the diatribe>
    > Yep, life is good.
    > paladin

    Around these parts, we repeat ourselves for emphasis. I said, Around
    these parts,

    I was pretty light-headed when I wrote this hombre, so probably hit
    the turbo post it twice button on the home pc. Legs feel funny today,

    I thought of Jim & Carla last night, because we rode parts of last
    night's ride when they were here. If they'll remember, I took them
    around the back of CB park, and showed them the decent little climb on
    the left to the top. We did go up Chickadee Ridge from the other
    direction, where we saw the great-horned owl. We even tried to go up
    Unlce Stan's but really ran out of daylight with those guys.