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Discussion in 'Mountain Bikes' started by Cameron, Feb 23, 2003.

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  1. Cameron

    Cameron Guest

    Well, put in my third dirt ride since the injury. Big Fill Hill, of course. The only trail I'm
    willing to ride solo that is currently open. Awhile back, I heard of some bridges that were not too
    difficult, so on one of my previous rides, I did a little bit of exploring. Still not feeling too
    great, I found the trail entrance and turned around after a short bit of exploration. Yesterday, I
    went for a full exploration. My riding partner finally was able to get out. Work and family was
    cooperative. Normally we get about five or six miles of riding in this area, but with the new trails
    we bumped it up to eight. Most of Finn Hill is fairly technical. Lots of ups and downs, and any flat
    spots will get a log crossing. Such as yours truly:


    Some of the new trails we rode were reminiscent of Bellingham; lots of mucky, tire sucking mud.
    Another trail reminded me of the Crop Circles trail. Slow riding, all roots and rocks. Lots of fun.
    :) We had a general idea of where the bridges were, but thankfully we received some additional
    directions from a couple of kids who were busy building a new jump. The whole area is a maze of
    trails. After plowing through the technical stuff, we found the beginning of the bridge trail. Not
    quite what we expected. I think the swamp and these pics explain it all.

    http://home1.gte.net/res1ccvg/pics/FinnSwamp1.JPG http://home1.gte.net/res1ccvg/pics/FinnSwamp2.JPG

    And looking backwards: http://home1.gte.net/res1ccvg/pics/FinnSwamp4.JPG

    Both of us thought that this trail was easy to do. But in warmer weather. Yes, it was a pleasant
    day, in the mid 40's, but the idea of screwing up and falling into fourteen inches of water and
    decomposing leaves just didn't seem appealing at the time. Maybe we're becoming soft in our old
    age. ;-) After more riding and exploring, I found the other end of the bridge. Looks abit worse
    for the wear:


    Of course, all the overhanging branches and trees didn't encourage us. Hmmm, a little body armor, 30
    degrees more on the ambient temperature, and just maybe.... :)

    Great ride, all together. Been on that trail nearly since I began to ride. Nice to cross the
    road and find even more trails. Never seen them in any guide book, just heard about them by word
    of mouth. More miles on the same trail....sweet!!!

    If I crashed into a tree and nobody was around to hear me scream, did I really make a sound?

    Cameron http://home1.gte.net/res1ccvg/

  2. Mr Chris

    Mr Chris Guest

    a wee boggy there...

    mr chris
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