Rumsas Grandma VS Franks Dog



Just wondering if youve seen them racing against each other ;D. Ok id accept maybe if there was a few products that maybe grany need meds but this is a pharmacy. if this realy was ALL for granny why wasent she in the TDF /with franks DOG ;D ;D ;D, what do you blokes and gals think?
yeah mate she woulda went ok with all that dope hehe.....i'm still wondering wtf she had wrong with her to require all those products.

She'd almost be a bloke now anyway, you cant take all that **** and remain a woman ;) hehe
Umm, GG, you on something here? or did I just miss a thread somewhere. What exactly is this about?
Frank Vandenbroucke got done for drugs awhile back and said the dope was for his dog.......i think

OK, I have the Rumsa's Grandma thing, I take it that was his wife's excuse? And then Frank's dog?
On May 7 Frank was detained for questioning by French authorities to investigate his involvement with Bernard Sainz, a lawyer and horse breeder known in the cycling world as "Doctor Mabuse" for supplying drugs to riders. Since this time Frank has been suspended by his French team Cofidis until investigations are completed. Frank released a statement to the press which is summed up in the following report:
Ahh, ok I see. So does that mean that if I ever become a drug dealer I should wander around with some Lab Rats and say I'm a scientist?

I think Grandma might have a good chance in this one though, Dogs are not reknowned cyclists in general (no slur on those that are though obviously, gross generalisation here)
I still think the granny would be looking like a bloke now though! ;D
Can you imagine the dog though? The thing must be a real pain now. Probably never needs to rest again, can you imagine throwing the ball for it?