Running software - need help for translation / localization



Hello everybody !

I started to write a software for road running management
about 10 years ago. It has been maintained and enhanced, and
is working on all Windows platforms.

It was unbtil a recent date a French only software and
somewhat linked to French running general regulation.

It is very popular here (France) and one race out of three
uses it. This means about 2000 races manageed with my
software per year.

I have recently translated it from French to English, but as
I'm not very familiar to running environment wording in
English... Also some problems to translate predefined terms.
For example categories (age groups) like "Minime, Cadet,
Junior, Senior, Vétéran".

French speaking Canadian guys could fill this gap ?-)

I would like to find some people who could help me to see if
my very first English translation and wording seems correct.
I don't yet have started to translate the documentation file
which is still in French. I prefer to find the good english
terms before starting this important job. However, its use
is quite straightforward.

Is there somewhere here someone interested for trying this
first english version and tell me what he thinks about it ?

Please also reply by mail to [email protected]/dot-nospam/com if
you are interested.

Thanks a lot and have a great week-end