RUSH just had tons people stalk me



RUSH set me up (or tried to) at Full Cycles, had two guys outside
sitting on a bench pretending to be homeless - they were sent and
dressed up to be homeless, SOLEY FOR ME today.

They are not homeless guys, they are sick, weak, feminin puppet men
that have no better life than to role play for fanatical self-centered
people, such as Virginia Newbon - who again has no skill to justify
being self-centered or arrogant. That is why she is referred to as a
tinsel-moron. She won't get it becuase she doesn't care about quality
of character or values, she only cares about constant reception of
attention from others becuase she cannot value herself by herself. And
RUSH the supposed individualists taught this to her, thus they by it
and this act which is contrary to individualism and self-empowerment,
are appearing to be conspirators, not protectors of me. They're doing
Jewish duplicity.

But the guys in Full Cycles were also all setup for me today.

None of it was random happenstance and none of it was actual - it was
"conspire against Mark to change Mark by swindling Mark by a setup
relative experience" - it has all failed.

I really want to try a Specialized bike this time, I feel better on
those, like the designers knew how to displace weight better than the
Kona guys. Kona didn't have any problem with comfort, but Specialized
made my body feel like it exists soley to be on a MTB.