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Discussion in 'UK and Europe' started by Peter Wallace, Mar 29, 2003.

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  1. Russ must be feeling better. He's started to let the odd visitor in - by appointment only - and my
    name came up as I am unquestionably odd.

    It's exactly as we all hoped and expected - pretty positive. He's analysed the situation, evaluated
    the options, decided on a course of action and put that in hand. It involves lots of carbon fibre,
    titanium and a Porsche.

    Still a bit beaten up from operations and drugs (good ones from the sound of
    it) he calmly said, "I'm not ill, just incapacitated" and proceeded to cross-examine me on who is
    out riding and where.

    The vulnerability of his current commanding lead in the Fat Tyre series is a worry to him. Plans to
    sabotage his competitors remaining events are classified. However his status as only the second ever
    MTB patient in Stoke Mandeville gives him some satisfaction.

    The rides he planed for the summer are on his mind and nobody gets a get-out. We are required to
    report in. GPS tracks will be scrutinised, criticised, assessed and marked. Certainly he wants to
    know about what 's going on and he still wants to tell you what, where and how to ride - generally
    wisely. One part is a strong recommendation for bolt-through axles or at least bolts rather than QR
    when using discs. Generally he insists on being involved in everything.

    On the practical front he's got insurance covering everything conceivable (except the Porsche -
    apparently they'll do a Ford Focus but Russ can make up the difference). He just needs a little time
    - I suspect less than the hospital have in mind.

    Go Russ.

  2. It is *great* that Russ is positive - and thanks, peter, for posting the update on him. I shudder to
    think what Russ has planned for anyone thinking of trying to take away his lead in MTB ... ;-)

    Cheers, helen s

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Thread Status:
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