Rusted head stem



Hi guys,

I'm unable to undo my head stem, it seems to have rusted tight :( whats the best way to get this undone? I have got the bolt out, just cant move the damn stem ::)

thanks in advance
Steve - I had the same problem on my bike. What actually happens; although you have loosened the bolt the wedge at the bottom is still stuck between the stem and the steerer tube.

Resolution: I must admit it is not the most scientific approach but it was the only way I got mine loose. Turn the bolt back in just a bit about 2 –3 turns. Take a screwdriver and place it in the middle of the bolt head as to not damage any of the contact areas where the allen key grips. Take a rubber hammer and give the screwdriver a good wallop from the top, this should dislodge the wedge. Now you should be able to move the stem.

Let me know how it went.
I'll try it tomorrow morning b4 i go out training

Hi. I've been advised to try turning the bike upside-down and
pouring some vinegar into the area. I think the theory is that the vinegar neutralises the corrosion which has taken place. 'Tho you may have to allow it to soak for a few days. I'd drain and check once a day, just in case. Vinegar is pretty cheap.

If you have an alloy stem in steel forks, it's common for the stem to seize, due among other things, to the different electrical potential of the dissimilar metals.