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Jan 24, 2002
What a pathetic bunch of losers! I had some hope for Saturday - I thought after our humiliating defeats against France abd Scotland that Rudy and the boys would lift their game. Apparently not.<br /><br />What a wonderful life being a rugby player - you think you're getting paid too little so you threaten a strike and get paid more - for what? For that cr@pola they call rugby?<br /><br />Jannes Labuschagne I hope you realise what you did for us on Saturday you hot headed piece of shyte. Krige - thanks for leading by example, after all it's the captains duty to give away penalties whenever he can. Dalton you bald ***** - play more rugby and less fistycuffs. And the other 12 pratts - at least contest a line out!!!<br /><br />I used to think people who only supported a winning team were shallow and unpatriotic but after the 3 week holiday the boks had in Europe (hell they didn't play any rugby did they?) the SA bok team can remove me from their fan list. If they want my support they should at least work for it.<br /><br />Kiss my stinky ring BOKKE! So long and thanks for F*CK ALL!!<br /><br />Pant pant.....<br /><br />WHAT? Just read on news24 that Rian Oberholzer wants us to rally round Rudy and the girls to help them win the World Cup? That's two jokes in one sentence! You can also kneel down and pucker up Rian.....<br /><br />
I thought I was the only one that felt the way you do, Eldron. Why do they have a captain anyway? Even after Jannes was sent off, the discipline of the squad didn't improve, Krige been one of the culprits.<br />They should take the top senior school teams and play them against the Boks when they return home. That way the Boks can learn the basics of rugby again. Where in the world did they learn to run the ball from behind the try line while being 30 points down? I know it's easy to speak up in retrospect, but c'mon, these are basics.
Yip, I agree. The only thing they're good for is appearing in Spur ads!!
<br />Maybe they were taking tips from the English who ran from behind the scrum, straight through our defense and over the try line.....<br /><br />The part that really peeves me is that this is the same bunch of blokes who refused to sign contracts with Sarfu because they weren't earning enough (we're putting our bodies on the line for our country - we're world champions and deserve more). If I lost 3 contracts in a row to our competitors you can bet my boss would give me more than just a little slap on the wrist. No boss - I'm in a development phase and while I'm losing contracts now I'm learning and will sign some contracts next year. I'm sure that would go down real well.<br /><br />Grrrrrrrraaaarrrrggh! Rant rant - throw hissy fit complete with fist thumping on ground. All I want is a rugby team I can be proud of!
Why, oh why do you have to spoil a prefect Monday (as if Mondays can be perfect). Yes, I used to play rugby as well and yes, I grew up in a house where rugby was an important part of the family (my grandfather was a Northern Transvaal player/coach and my coach, my late dad played for Griekwas when they won the Currie Cup and I played @ school &amp; army). Like most of the SA families we were &quot;obsessed&quot; with the green and gold.<br /><br />But all this has changed. I'm not even watching Springbok games anymore :'(. I rather go and watch some High School rugby (VO2, Transvalia vs. Driehoek), just to see some good running rugby. Yes, some fists do fly (long ago I was one of them! ::)), but not to the level that the Boks are taking it.<br /><br />If I was in Rudolph/Riaan Oberholzers shoes I would:<br />1. Get the bokke to get their basics right. If you don't have good pedal technique, you can't expect to cycle well. This goes for rugby as well. If you can't scrum, you can't get the ball, and without the ball a$$holes, you can't score!!!! Get the BALL!<br />2. Get them to take a anger control course ;D. Yes, tempers flare, yes you really want to &quot;blik$em&quot; (hit very, very hard) the living hell out of this &quot;do&amp;&amp;er&quot; (I detest this oke type of person), but don't. If you do, you get sent off and then you can't get the ball, and without the ball a$$hole, you can't score!!!!<br />3. Get them on bicycles. If you can't play rugby, you can at least do something VERY productive (i.e. Guy Kebble in AmaShova)<br /><br />Get your acts together boys, or rather stop playing rugby. You're a disgrace to the game, yourselfs, your (ex)supporters and your country!
you could send the Boks to play the Wallabies and we could see who is truly the worst Rugby team in the World at the moment<br /><br />i mean the italians almost beat us ???
Even Fiji had a better run against the Scots than we did.....<br /><br />
[quote author=Duckwah link=board=10;threadid=2692;start=0#23058 date=1038218716]<br />you could send the Boks to play the Wallabies and we could see who is truly the worst Rugby team in the World at the moment<br /><br />i mean the italians almost beat us ???<br />[/quote]<br /><br />I hear you pain, Duckwah, but judging on current form, I reckon the Aussies will easily put 40 points past the Boks. No contest!
That bad huh Vo2<br /><br />perhaps you could get the SA rugby team to play the English cricket team, they might have a better chance with the bat and ball ;)
oops looks like i got the score a little bit wrong for the wallabies/italy match<br /><br />it was reported to me as 34-33 when it was actually 34-3<br /><br />sucks being a shift worker you never get the sports results first hand &gt;:(
It's interesting to hear the SA point of few.<br /><br />I'm glad we all seem to agree, I get the feeling that SA knew they were going to get hammered and took the easy option (thuggery), From what I saw their main aim in the game was to nail as many players as possible, and they must have taken great joy in getting Wilkinson off the pitch though I think that was a precautionary measure by England because he was being head hunted all game.<br /><br />If one positive came out of the game it was England refusal to drop to the Boks level, England were awesome.<br /><br />The above was written by a Welshman with a tear in his eye. :'(