SACHS ergo shifter question

R Smith

New Member
Mar 13, 2003
I am at my wits end and a friend suggested I try here. I have an older (but so am I) Serotta with SACHS ergo shifters (1999 vintage). Due to a knee injury I need to move to a triple crank on my bike and am getting mixed info on my shifters.

"Yes, they will run a triple, NO they will never, and only if it is Campy."

I am currently running a Shimano Ultegra double crank and a Shimano cassette with a SACHS rear derailleur and chain. Can anybody give me any insight on this?
Sachs and Campagnolo had a co-operation before Sram bought the Sachs company... and since have put their energies into MTB components mainly.

Sach Ergo levers are in fact Campagnolo so do have the ability to operate a triple front chainwheel which has been a feature of Campag since they introduced Ergo:D