Sad news re Sheldon Brown


Michael Wileman

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>> > Best Wishes and good luck Sheldon
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>> Indeed it's not good news for Sheldon. Undoubtedly he'll have the good vibes
>> of zillions of cyclists heading his way. Hoping that the well-wishes of
>> cyclists does at least give him cheer.


Good luck, Sheldon. Lots of people here will be thinking of


Solvang Cyclist

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> I recently started riding again this spring after a 5 year break due to
> health issues. Since I was a little kid, cycling has always been one of
> those simple joys in life and something that keeps me inspired and
> energized.
> Good luck Sheldon, your web site has brought me a lot of chuckles plus
> great technical information. I admire the amount of effort that you've
> put into it. Thanks.

I too have only recently started riding again after first a lack of
motivation and then a battle with cancer. I'm now in remission and that
has rekindled my enthusiasm.

I was pleased to recently discover Sheldon's web site. I have enjoyed
many hours of reading is articles and there is no question that Mr. Brown
has inspired many riders.

I can only wish him the best and thank him for what he has given to our