Saddle = flat, cut-out, decent padding


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Jul 5, 2004
After getting a fitting the other day I realized that even when I have my optimal fit on a bike my sit bones are such that I slide forward (test - hands on the hoods then I let go...I slide forward a bit...granted much better than before since the fitting. This isn't a show-stopper as I can live with the situation without much discomfort, but the quest goes on...

My current saddle is curved towards the middle, as a result my sit bones are on the part that angles down. I can only tilt up the nose of the seat so high to get this part flat, therefore, I would like to get a flat saddle. I like the cut-out in my existing saddle, and I also like the liberal amount of padding (Terry Liberator Race).

So I'm investigating which saddles are flat, have a cut-out, and have liberal padding. The Selle Italia Flite Gel Flow seat that was on the fit bike was flat and had a cut-out, though I found it a little too firm for me. Granted, I wasn't riding in real conditions. Not sure if it after being broken in it would hurt after 2-3 hours in the saddle (though I may end up dropping some $ to find out).
While that SMP saddle isn't flat, I have heard good things about it so I guess I would have to try one out and see how it feels. When I go back for my final fitting I'll do this.

Also, I wanted to clarify that during my fitting everything was great and I only slid forward when I stopped pedalling and had my hands on the hoods. I didn't slide forward when I was on the tops. Is there a chance that it's actually common to slide forward with hands on hoods and not pedalling? Maybe I'm making a big deal about nothing. On my current bike/saddle, where I tend to slide forward a bit more than I did at my fitting, I've ridden 4 hours with only minor hand/arm/neck/shoulder discomfort...nothing that didn't go away after a 1/2 hour off the bike.
Have you looked at the Terry Fly? Good padding, flat tail section, and a nice leather cover. It's probably more saddle than a skinny lightweight needs, but at 6' and 185 lbs, it feels just right to me. Of course, saddles are a personal thing. I've never found the Italia Flights comfortable, and don't care for the old-school turned-up tail designs either. The SSM ERA and Aspide and Fisik Arione are the other flat saddles I've ridden, but believe the Fly is a bit more comfortable on the long rides due to the slightly thicker padding.