saddle: koobi PRS or specialized Romin?

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by inv2004, Apr 4, 2011.

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    Standart situation: visited my doctor and found prostatitis which is 2years old (time when I switched from MTB to road bike). Active stage was cured and now I'd like to continue my trainings, I thought that my old saddle was not bad, it was Concept Extreme from focus, but I thing trying to find something more comformable and safe for prostate is not bad idea. Unfortunately it is not possible to find all these saddles to try, that is why I ask you for advice:

    The main decision between:
    1) Koobi PRS
    2) Specialized Romin

    The others are in the queue:
    3) Selle SMP Stratos (its good for prostate, but too much pressure on the sit-bones)
    4) ISM Breakaway (best for front, too much pressure for rear )
    5) Fizik Antares Versus (good for rear, but not so good for front because small cut-off)

    Does anybody have expirience with mentioned saddles, especially koobi + romin / specialized?

    Thank you.

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    I have a Specialized Toupe saddle with the carbon shell. Coming from a background of old school saddles like the Turbo and San Marco Rolls and Regal, I was very impressed with how comfy the Toupe was. It truely is an "all day" saddle. Even after rides of 8+hours I really don't notice it while riding.

    As they come in different widths, I would take the time to go visit a Specialized dealer that sells the Body Geometry equipment and sit on the little ass-o-meter to find the correct saddle width.

    I have a Fizik Antares with the "Kium" rails on my training bike and I find it good for about an hour before things start to become uncomfortable. It came with one of my other bikes and I needed a saddle for the training bike so I just used that - but it's getting to the point where it needs to go... It'll be replaced with a Specialized - probably a Toupe but I might take a look at a Romin as the only critism I have about the Toupe is that it's very flat and I tend to slide forward a bit under hard effort a little more then I like. Even on the nose of the Toupe, life isn't as bad as one would expect.
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    I know it't not one you asked about, but I have been riding on a Specialized Avatar expert for about 5 months and find it very comfortable. I realize body shape and size play a large role in comfort, but this slightly wider saddle is probably one of the most comfortable I've ridden. That being said I'm a 64 year old 6' 3 non racer who just loves to ride 4 to 5 times a week. Good luck I know from personal experience prostate problems are no fun.