Saddle Problem? Selle Italia C2


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May 5, 2006
jock.c said:
Nothing is worse than the FoD!

It made a brief yet feeble attempt to once again thwart my training. I scared it off quickly though with a vicious pincer like movement.

Dave, you may have missed my adventure with the Furuncle of Death over on TAN, so here it is. Occaisionally you'll get an infection in the skin folds near the sit bone. It's like a boil, red with a white eye. Because it makes the skin sit up a bit you will normally end up with a chaiffe cut just to add to the misery.

Eventually it will form a nice hard ball of puss under the skin, like a cyst. At this point you can sqeeze the bejeezuz out of it until it pops. The pain is excruciating until it pops, and then you feel a kind of euphoric relief. Unless it pops without erupting through the skin. Then you're probably in deep **** (of the septacemia type). You could try home lancing, but I've never been brave enough to try putting sharp pointy objects near the tender bits.
Well it has been two months since I first asked for advice. re: saddle sores. I took in all the advice in particular jock's words o'wisdom re: FOD. I knew I hadn't changed my setup and jocks detailed description (brings back painful memories reading it) described by problem.

Changes I made: getting out of the knicks as soon as I get off the bike (instead of cooling off for 30+ mins, adding anti-bacterial detergent when I wash my knicks and using Dettol antiseptic cream regularly (before/after riding and whenever else I remember) to the problem areas. The problem has virtually gone although occasionally it comes back but by using the cream heaps it doesn't get anywhere near as nasty as before.

From the bottom of my ****-thanks for the words of advice.


Jul 13, 2006
Dave80 said:
Well it has been two months since .... From the bottom of my ****-thanks for the words of advice.
Another word of advice: the washing machine is a germ-fest, especially if you (or the missus) uses fabric softener. FS is a NO-F'N-NO for cycling clothing, so if you're using it then don't!

You can't wash lycra in a hot wash, so you need to do a super hot full cycle rinse out of your washing machine every month to make sure soap scum and other gunk doesn't build up. If your hot water system is locked down at 70deg then you might want to figure out how to get 90deg+ water in before the cycle starts. Most modern machines have their own water heater built in, and they deliver what they say they will (ouch!).


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Mar 12, 2006
The washing machine is a germ-fest only if you use cold washes exclusively. If you do a very hot wash (towels, for example) then your machine will get a good clean out on a regular basis.

Agree about the fabric softener though but only because it makes your lycra feel funny not because it has any effect on bacterial growth.