Saddle Sores



If anyone makes a merical cure for these they will be a million air
Do the following;

1) wear clean shorts
2) shower after training
3) make sure you wear good quality shorts
I do not get saddle sores ,read "sore bum and other parts in this forum, but i am trying chamios cream which is supposed to 'reduce chamios friction and prevent chaifing and saddle sores. The cream i bought is called 'releif' but just ask you local bike shop for 'chamios cream' ;D
I suffer horribly from saddle sores.
What I've discovered which helps for me is:
1) Get out of your shorts as soon as you can after a ride, sitting around in your shorts is a sure way for saddle sores to develop.
2) Wash your shorts at a relatively high temperature (Water temp not air temp  ;D
3)Good quality shorts help, as mentioned in a previous post
4)Don't sqeeze the buggers if they do form, not only is it bloody painful  :eek: but it also introduces bacteria into the sore which will make the whole thing worse.
5) I use a mild cortisone, anti-itch cream which seems to help heal the whole thing up. I find the less they itch the less I scratch  :-[ and the quicker I heal.
6) Wash the affected area well after a ride.
7)Ride your whole ride standing !!(I find that this is the sure fire way to avoid saddle sores and end up with a severe case of overtraining syndrome.   ;)

Have fun, ride hard !
well i dont get them but i get chaffing :( or i did i found the souloution. i got it sooooo baaaadd there was no skin left .read "Sore bum and other parts" topic

this would most likely stop saddle sores too. as when i tried it i had no sore parts and the skin was sill on :) (this is for longer rides of 100k +)after 160k i was fine.

1. Get Chamios Creame (Mine is called 'Releif') this is antibacterial and softens the chamious to reduce friction.

2. Get Vaseline (This is a smo0th dressing) which reduces skin friction as well. Wak it on UR bum and bits :)

ps after 160k another quick wak of vasoline on ur parts will keep u goin pain free again :) (thats for me anyway)

Try this :)
I use Johnson & Johnson baby powder because it absorbs sweat to a certain extent and reduces friction. Also reduces the pungent odour that accompanies a sweaty chamois.
Heck maybe I'm not riding enough. I dont get saddle sores. I wear a good quality shorts with no seams in the chamois. These get washed after every ride.
I only get them when doing lots of endurance base work like 14 hours / 400kms per week.