Safe sidewalk transport vehicles?

Discussion in 'Bike buying advice' started by PersonWithAQuestion, Sep 8, 2018.

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    I'm wondering if you fine people have any recommendations for safe pedestrian transport options (e.g., daily sidewalk commute), a.k.a., scooters, bikes and other similar options. I'm looking for something where the risk of falling is significantly reduced, and/or where the damage is likely minimal if a fall does happen. I've had a few minor head injuries in the last few years and I'm not looking to push the odds any further. :confused:

    I'd love to simply ride a bike, but it seems to me like the occasional hard fall is unavoidable, which is exactly what I'm looking to avoid.

    I think basic kick scooters are a better option in terms of minimizing damage from a fall (much lower to the ground, less speed), but I'm not sure where to begin in terms of a safe adult scooter option that is reasonably affordable. I'm seeing a lot of scooters with small/thin wheels, and to me this means greater fall risk. Options seem to be limited or very expensive.

    There's also the three wheel scooter idea, but these seem to be mostly for kids. There's a lot of options for kids, in fact, but I'm assuming I should be taking the weight limits seriously. Hoverboards? I'm open to all kinds of different options.

    Any suggestions at all? Specific brands? Types of vehicles? Thanks for any tips!

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    I think it depends on where you live and what traffic conditions are like. I'm in Florida where bikes are allowed on the sidewalks. In my area there is little pedestrian traffic so it works out well. Motor scooters have to be ridden on the road, and that is definitely not a good thing around here with high speed traffic.

    First, then, is to take stock of your sidewalk situation. If your state allows you to ride on the sidewalk, and the foot traffic isn't heavy, I'd say go for it. Get a good helmet and enjoy your rides. Also, you'd need to consider the type of bike according to where you're going to ride. I ride a 21-speed hybrid, and a fat bike. Both work well on the sidewalks, but are also good on the road where there is little traffic. And in the past four years since I've been riding on the sidewalks, I've not had one fall.

    As for Hoverboards, I know nothing about them, but I'd guess you're more likely to fall from one of those than a bicycle. They certainly wouldn't be good on our sidewalks which tend to be up and down, and cracked. You'd have to drive to a park to use one.