Safe solvents for carbon rims


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Jan 13, 2006
I recently bought a set of Reynolds Stratus DV Ultralight tubular wheels for racing. They're beautiful and they felt fast the one time I've ridden. I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where no sane person trains on tubulars. We have a plant here that spreads seed pods - locally known as goatheads. They have multiple short spikes that enter the tire tread, break off, and migrate to the tube much like a splinter in one's finger. It's easy here to get two or three flats a week.
I took one test ride on the Reynolds wheels (Tufo tires, Tufo rim tape). Of course I picked up a goathead and got a slow leak. I'm removing the tire, and I'm switching to glue. Everyone I've talked to warns me that rim tape melts when it heats up on long descents.
My question is, how do I clean the rims without damaging them? I need to remove all the adhesive, but I don't want to oxidize or otherwise damage the carbon finish. Also, I'm interested to hear others' opinions of rim adhesives, tubular tires, etc. I haven't used tubulars for twenty years, and things have changed a bit.