saliva driving me mad


Mr So.

Hi I am a 50 Australian male pretty fit,[6'2" .185lbs ].well I have been up to 9 mths ago from when
this problem started. Ok my problem is I feel as if I'm producing way too much saliva especially
around the front of my teeth,I have to swallow it every 10 seconds & as soon as I have ,It comes
from the left side of my lower Jaw It then reforms at the tip of my tongue & the inside of my lower
teeth,its not thick or colored ,just clear saliva ,& has a feeling similar to a soft Cod Liver oil
Capsule left in the mouth [not taste ,just that feeling of size etc] My Doctor has refered me on to
a Neurologist .who has perscribed me Endep 10 , this has had very little effect [say 1 on a scale of
10] apart from giving me heartburn . I would like to know of any Natural remedies that I might try
to dry my mouth.I realise we produce a lot of saliva for a day & we swallow it unconsciously, but
mine is a PROBLEM because I am not doing it unconsciously & its really getting me down & I have no
energy to do much as this controls my life , I find I have to eat more or keep my mouth passed with
food as it is less noticable when eating or drinking thanks for now Rick

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