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Posted originally on uk.rec.cycling, thought it might be of use here too.

So, the mudguards have arrived from Salmon in France. Model purchased was the GBF1D, designed for
road bikes without clearance for normal guards.

Total price including postage etc was 55 Euros, without checking exactly that's about £36. Not
cheap, but I had no other alternative.

The mudguards come complete with all fixings, including various mounts depending upon your fork,
seat-stay thickness. The manual (well, piece of paper with dodgy photographs) suggests that the
front fixing goes onto the fork dropouts using the brackets provided, I didn't want this so I
modified a rear adaptor to fit to the fork itself. The rear seat-stay fitting is quite cumbersome,
but again I made a small change to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

The rear guard goes OVER the rear brake but the bracket still goes under it. Because my bike has
virtually no clearance at all here, I had to resort to tapping the bracket tightly up under the
frame using a hammer and a piece of wood to protect it.

The front guard fits very simply. It does not protrude in front of the fork at all.

Both guards have an Allen key connection that allows them to be removed in a couple of seconds,
leaving just the brackets in place.

The mudguards are very secure and do not rattle at all.

Quality of product: 7/10 Ease of fitting: 5/10 VFM: 4/10 if there was an alternative, but seeing as
there isn't...8/10

Hope this is of use to someone!

I have posted pictures of the mudguards fitted to my bike, which should explain better.


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