Sam mitchell is about to complete the canning stock route in his solar powered fat-bike

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Jun 24, 2016
Just a heads up:

21 year old Sam Mitchell is about to complete the Canning Stock Route from Halls Creek to Wiluna on a solar powered fat-bike. It is a first.

Encounters with 4x4 travellers note he has won the hearts of many.

Regular updates via satphone on his FB page

I am looking to update my page on CSR cycling events

I have scanned the forum and noted comments about a chap by the name of Ross Gray having apparently cycled the CSR in 1984. I have no record of this. Can anyone help?

There is also talk of a Japanese cyclist earlier.

Molteni was going to do it, but I have spoken to him and he did not in the end.

Humbug and Slaw - I see from a post in 2005, you and two others were going to make an attempt in the '90's but pulled out after Gunbarrel. Are you part of the group that laid a supply line on the CSR but found that a fire destroyed some supplies and due to other issues etc, canned it? Or did you not get onto the CSR at all?

I don't want to leave anyone out. Any help with updates will be much appreciated - but I do need some way of tracking and verifying these events.

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I drove the Canning Stock Route in 1984, in a sedan, not a 4wd. towing a trailer. It was a long, hot, dry trip and not something you would do in a normal car but back then 4wds were expensive so car it was it instead. Now as I am retired and cycle tour I also am considering doing it by bike sometime in the future. It is a credit to someone to do it by bike. YOU have to hope the wells haven't dried up as well as taking at least 15 litres with you between wells. Their is no phone reception out there and a Sat. phone would be advisable.

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