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  1. If you own a mapping GPS unit, feel free to checkout, for an example of the sort of topo map you
    can construct (for free!) from NASA data (as described elsewhere). IMO
    it works well enough to be useful, given that the OS & Garmin continue
    to conspire to not offer any topo maps for the UK (and will probably
    overcharge when they do).

    Actually there are two bits of map at that location .. a topo map (from
    SRTM data) of all of Shropshire (and Telford/Wrekin) which is
    transparent, and can be used as an overlay with whatever other maps you
    happen to have loaded for the area (warning - the Garmin basemap is only
    accurate to the nearest half Km or so!). That's 10000014.img.

    10000013.img is a road/footpath/rivers/POI etc. map for just the
    southern part of the county (and with footpaths and stiles and gates and
    obstructions shown for just a small fraction of that area). Read the
    warning though .. some of the data is derived from 1947 OS mapping, and
    is likely to be wildly out of date (and not totally accurate to start
    with), and the contours are probably only good to +/- 50m or so, given
    that the SRTM data is on a fairly coarse grid outside the USA. Road and
    path ('trail') data will get better when I've collected tracklogs for
    more of it, and updated the map.

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