San Fran to Mt. Tamalpais route needed

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  1. Joel Roth

    Joel Roth Guest

    Looking for suggestions for a route from San Fran to Mt. Tamalpais.

    Approximately how many miles is this each way?



  2. Jobst Brandt

    Jobst Brandt Guest

    Joel Roth writes:

    > Looking for suggestions for a route from San Fran to Mt. Tamalpais.

    > Approximately how many miles is this each way?

    I don't know from where you plan to start but if you have a car or a ride, approach the Golden Gate
    Bridge from the city taking the very last exit into the scenic point, just before the toll gate. Do
    not go into this parking lot (it is full) but take the underpass under the highway and out the other
    side onto Merchant Rd where all day parking is free, beyond the Bridge district's paved parking.

    Ride bike across the bridge, taking the road at the north end to Sausalito. This road is the
    original bridge approach and still has GG Bridge light standards. Heading north from Sausalito, a
    bicycle path on the former Northwestern Pacific (third rail electric) mainline leads toward mill
    valley. I prefer to climb over the guard rail to the main road into Mill Valley at the outskirts of
    town and ride to the old Train Station, now a book store, in the center of town. Philistines
    recently tore out the rails of the platforms in front of the station, annihilating a bit of history.

    Taking a right, past the station, you'll find the Mill Valley Market, in front of which a narrow
    street (one way the other way for cars) heads into the canyon and follows the Mt Tamalpais RR
    right-of-way. This street joins East Blithedale Avenue and at the cursor on the map in the following
    URL turns into a dirt road to the top of the mountain. There is no traffic except possibly at mid
    climb where the ROW is paved for residents in an adjoining neighborhood. There should be no doubt
    how to get to the top past the Double Bow Knot junction and West Point Inn. At the top, stay right
    on the paved RR ROW and you're there.

    Returning, the main road is OK because going downhill, the bicycle is not at a large disadvantage to
    the cars. Don't miss taking the walking trail to the front of the mountain for a spectacular view of
    SF and the Bay. Turkey Vultures often do flying displays right in front of you snout there.

    Definitely worth the effort. I and friends do it on road bicycles often, even though the RR is a bit
    rocky but firm.

    Kill the stupid pop-ups on this site so you can appreciate4e the RR.

    Jobst Brandt [email protected] Palo Alto CA
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