Santa Cruz barn, warehouse or garage needed for storage of Outdoor Bike Church bikes & parts

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If you are in Santa Cruz and a have a barn or a bit of warehouse space or a garage that has extra
room to fit say a hundred bike frames and bike parts such as wheels and seats and bicycle gear
trains, we need you!! We need to be able to announce that we are ready to accept such donations from
the community (the indoor Bike Church <> and Goodwill
already have donations they are holding for us) for the first annual Outdoor Bike Church that we'll
be holding at our August 17 Santa Cruz NBG Bike Fest. Patterned after a long running event in
Missoula MT called Free Cycles < >that yearly returns recycled
bikes to the community, here is what we said about what we are calling the Outdoor Bike Church on
3/10 at <>:


{...} Missoula, through this day long event yearly returns 100 or more bicycles to the roads up
their way. And what doesn't make it to the streets also finds new life as furniture, jewelry, even
wind chimes etc. There are even the kids who make their own choppers and other experimental bikes.

Nor is it complex or as highly dependent on new parts as I had before intimated. By designating one
pile of bikes as buildable and the other as being for parts, with the help of roaming mechanics and
as many as 15 bike stands, they are able to cannibalize the parts bikes for most of the stuff they
need. About the only new items needed are oil and grease -- and these usually get donated!

One important station that gets manned all day by rotating volunteers is the tire repair area. Here
the ubiquitous flat tire is met with a bucket of water, tubes of glue, patches (oops another
expense) a nd air pumps.{..}

THX for taking the time to consider this!!

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