Santiago de Compostela advice needed

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Hi everyone -

I'm planning a tour along the Santiago de Compostela route in Northern Spain this May and was hoping
for some advice:

1. My buddies and I all have road bikes. Assuming we outfitted them with thicker tires is this route
do-able? A lot of what I've read on the web calls for mtn bikes. None of us have canti brakes, so
we can't get tires much thicker than 700x28, I believe.

2. Will we be totally cold, wet, and miserable in the first week or two of May?

3. I was thinking of flying into Madrid and taking a train out to Leon. Sound ok? Any advice on
where to begin the route?

4. How many riding days can we expect, assuming we average 8-10mph?

5. Any good resources you can suggest? I've done some web research and checked the archives, but any
more would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much for the advice. This'll be our first real tour, so all tips are appreciated.

Not open for further replies.