sapim spoke bend



Having recently read the thread regarding sapim spokes I was
interested in why sapim had a longer elbow on there spokes than dt or
wheelsmith. So I emailed sapim regarding this consern. They responded
very quickly and I thought I would share their responce.

Dear sir

We have different lengths - going from 2.5 mm until 3.7 mm.
Reason for this are the different hub flange diameters. We want to
the customers the best solution possible and this is not possible with
only selling 1 type of bend.

Our standard bend has a length of 2.9 mm and this is +/- also the
standard from DT. 6 months ago our standard was still 3.1 mm but we
changed this into 2.9 mm in order to have a better spoke ( flanges are
becoming thinner).

Best regards

I found it very interesting that they offer such a wide range in spoke
bends. It seems to me that most of the spokes that we will be able to
get now will be with a 2.9mm elbow instead of a 3.1. What I want to
know is who in the world makes a flange thick enough to accommadate a
3.7mm elbow?

Steve Sauter

Ron Ruff

On Feb 22, 8:13 am, "steve" <[email protected]> wrote:
> We have different lengths - going from 2.5 mm until 3.7 mm.

Hey! Good job actually asking them... but...

I have *never* seen this as an option! They even charge extra for odd
mm lengths for CX-Rays...

My best guess is that the CX-Rays I just got measure ~3.8mm from the
beginning of head to the center of the spoke, and ~5.8mm from the end
of the head to the center of the spoke. Subtract 1mm if measuring to
the inside edge of the spoke rather than the center.