Sardinia Italy bicycle trip 9/2003

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    An Italian company is offering a group bicycle trip in Sardinia (Sardegna) beginning September
    20, 2003. I am writing this because not enough people have signed up for the trip so the company
    may cancel
    it. I want to go so I am seeking out other people. The trip is rated "easy", lasts for seven days,
    and costs 892 euros (about US$1000) including hotels, most meals, bicycle, tour leader, support
    van, etc. Single supplement is 140 euros. This is a bargain compared with what American bicycle
    touring companies charge.

    A minimum of six people total are needed. I believe that the three people who have signed up are
    Italian. The company says that the guide speaks "un po'" (a little) English. If you took a trip from
    an American company you would probably be traveling with all Americans or Canadians (though the
    leader would be bi-lingual).

    I don't work for this company. I'm not advertising it. If the trip takes place I will pay the same
    amount you will.

    Interested? Send e-mail.

    Washington, DC

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