Saris Bones rack scratching my trunk up bad


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Nov 26, 2005
I bought the Saris Bones 2 trunk rack because it's rated very high. And it is a good rack in that my bike is secure. However, my trunk is going to need to be repainted after a year with this rack.

I put socks over the "legs" of the rack which rest on trunk which solved that scratching problem. However, the metal pieces that adjust the straps come in contact with the trunk after the straps are tightened. This has left black marks all over my trunk.

Anyone else have this rack and know if I'm doing something wrong. :confused:

I have a normal car with a normal shaped trunk (Mitsubishi Galant 2001)

try waxing the part where these things come into contact with the paint. Also secure any loose stuff. You can also find some clear 3m tape and cut pieces that fit where there is contact being made.
The long straps that go to the front of the trunk lid - try twisting them 1 turn so that they're not flat. That will make the air currents act on them in different directions and they won't flap up and down against your trunk lid so much.

I'm told that the spider webb scratches where the feet rest against the trunk lid are mostly due to dirt that's trapped between the feet and the trunk. Make sure that area is squeeky clean. If you want, you can remove the feet from the rack and clean them in the dishwasher.