Saris Hitch Mount racks


Apr 27, 2011
I found a Saris hitch mount bike rack on Craigs List for $50. The owner does not know what model it is but says it holds two bikes. Does anyone have experience with Saris bike racks? Are they a good company? Any models I should watch out for? Thanks in advance for any advice /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif
Hitch model means that it is fixed in your car in that steel hook used to carry a trailer, (or used to tie a rope and push another car), "ball mounted".

I have the Saris trunk option, which you put with straps on and off before and after each ride. It works really good, installation on the trunk takes 5 minutes, its very light (some kind of polymer material).

Saris must also be a good brand if you base the criteria in their prices at the (honest) retailer (they are on the top end pricing for racks).
Saris is an innovative company with a good reputation for quality products and above average customer support/satisfaction. Family and friends own Saris racks and all have had positive experiences. My experience is limited to Yakima and Thule, but having looked closely at many Saris products I think the build quality is on par with both.

Saris has two designs of 2-place hitch racks - one style hangs the bikes from their top tube and the other is a "platform" design (Thelma and CycleOn) where the bike wheels are captured to hold the bikes upright, no frame contact. Depending on fork design, the Thelma rack can have interference problems and some people have reported problems/concerns with the heavy use of plastic (to save weight). Many more postive reviews than negative, however ... at least when I was looking. Platforms are the newest and most expensive design. The "hang racks" are less expensive with models at different price points.

If the rack has been well careed for, you should get a lot of value for your $50.
I have a hitch, 2 bike saris that is new. You need all the included straps and bolt pins that come with it. a new one cost about 130.00. if the one ur looking at does not have the bike arms or hitch pins its going to cost u more to buy them.

I like mine alot. carry two bikes all the time.