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Discussion in 'Mountain Bikes' started by N Simpson, Mar 15, 2004.

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    OK, so I have owned my Saris rack for a couple of seasons. I
    had no problems with the rack, except the wheel holders
    shaking so much at highway speeds that I felt like my wheels
    would be thrown. But even with some age the rack still did
    what it was designed to do (keep my ride safe and look good
    when it wasn't loaded)

    This past week I noticed excessive wind noise coming from
    the roof of my Subaru. When I checked it out I discovered
    that 2 of my "daisy" nuts had disappeared. I emergency
    fixed it and went to my LBS. They directed me to contact
    Saris directly.

    I emailed Saris, telling them what happened and as an
    afterthought I mentioned my wheel holder problem. I fully
    expected to wait a week or two for a response along the
    lines of: "Ohhhhh, that's too bad! Well, we can ship those
    nuts to you today for $10+ each plus shipping. As for the
    wheel holders-it must be operator error!"

    On the contrary. That afternoon I received a response from a
    customer service representative. She indicated that she
    would send out replacements nuts, and issue a return
    authorization for the wheel holders.

    I was VERY pleased with the response time. Very pleased with
    the response. And very pleasantly surprised with the overall
    experience with Saris.

    Just thought I would let you guys know.