Sat 12th - Burgess Park Bike Track


John Hearns

The first day of Bike Week, Saturday 12 June, sees the official launch of
Burgess Park Bike Track (BPBT) by Southwark Cyclists.
Local kids - have designed, helped build and been involved in at every
The Mayor of Southwark will be opening the new track at 12:30.
There's a whole day of events...including
Patrick Field's Brox sound-system, Southwark play services and the
Southwark Scouts and Guides Bike Olympics.

The track is the only lasting bit of
bike infrastructure that will open in Bike Week in London.

There will be a day of activities, including Patrick Fields mobile sound
system on the recumbent, Southwark play services and the Southwark
Scouts and Guides Bike Olympics.

In this list, there are lots of discussions on cycle training for the
young, how there is a generation lost to cycling, how to encourage a
wider community into cycling.
Well, here's a chance to put your money where your mouth is.
If you're in London, come along for an hour to support this event.
It needs cyclists to come along and show a presence.
685 Albany Road

The track has been created for the young people in
the surrounding communities, and will act as a focal point for training,
local rides and recycling projects.
We have applied for a grant to train local youths in BTec bike
maintenance, and the Evans bike chain are considering taking some
graduates on as apprentices.
20 youths from the Aylesbury have already helped build the track.

So plan your Saturday ride around a visit to Burgess Park.
Its a ncie place to have a cycle round anyway.

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