Saturday Milers.......10/24/15 Post 'em Up!

Mr. Beanz

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Aug 18, 2015
26 miles today with about 3200 ft of gain up GMR today. Most of the gain on the first half of the ride. Took another 2 minutes off my climbing time on my favorite 8 mile climb segment. Set 14 climbing PR's all together today. B)

Rode solo, Gina had to go shopping for the grandson's bday present. Early ride, had to be home early for the party.

That's my shadow sneaking up on that rider up a 7% grade. :p

Nice! Good job on the climbing PR's.​

It rained most of the day, yesterday. 61 miles today with 2515' of climbing. The wind finally let up a bit and was only blowing 12 to 14 MPH. The roads I choose to ride were in really bad shape. I felt bad for my rims and spokes. It was only 'cool' with temperatures steady at 52°-54°. Another beautiful Fall day here in Ohio.
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