Saturday Milers........9/12/15

Mr. Beanz

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Aug 18, 2015
41 miles with a bud. 4806 ft gain in the mountains. Only Mike (blue tank top) and I went the distance. The others turned back after an 8 mile climb and 2300 ft. I didn't feel all the great today but I actually beat my 2nd best time on the climb by 15 seconds. Set 12 PR's on Strava. :lol:

Funny, on the flat trials they all sit on my wheel. On the mountain climbs too ha ha!


The Crew


At the top


The ride.

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33 mile bike club ride, took it easy today and got a chance to talk to many of the club members I haven't spoke too much before. Its good to learn a little about people you meet. Everyone in my group kept asking me when I'm going to switch to one of the faster groups, I feel like I'm being kicked out,lol...It was an extremely foggy and pleasant ride, I made sure to buy proper bike lights afterwards.
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Sunday another 44.2 miles/16.5 MPH average on the trail with the wife and few buds. I pulled for the first 25 miles then pulled over and let the others take over. Average temp of 93 degrees.

I don't know who the guy is at the back but once we rolled by him, he hopped on. He seemed pretty happy to get a tow, even said thanks after. Pretty rare as most guys just sit back and suck wheel and never say a word.


Gina ( my wife) pulling the boys!


Joaquin did the final 20 miles with us. He went to the front and pulled for the final 7 miles at a nice pace. 20.4 MPH for the 7 mile segment on Strava. I was happy to sit at the back and enjoy the draft at that point. Very different from being in the front all day. Almost felt too easy like I was cheating!