Saturday Ride in Midrand Sandton Area

Discussion in 'Bike Connections' started by Guest, Jul 24, 2002.

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    Well, lets try out this new feature. Thanks Steve.

    Anybody interested in doing an easy-ish (ave speed +- 27kmph) ride on Saturday morning. Say from Montecasino through Elandsdrift to Krugersdorp, to Florida, through Linden and back. It is about a 85km trip. Part of it is up the infamous K'Dorp hill.

    Any takers?

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    Sounds kewl Rat...

    One problem, I am VERY unfit at the moment. R U up for a shorter more technical rides? What is your style of riding? XC?
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    Hey Merlin,

    Ave spd 27kmph XC?? :eek: Best I can muster off road is about 21kmph. This ride is for the roadies but I did get your e-mail. Shall we post some details for a easy XC ride for Sunday?

    Anyone interested?
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    My bad!

    21k? Looks like I'll need to start you on a training program...

    Anyways, if you are interested in doing an offroad ride, or an in-town Trials-type ride, drop me a line...

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    I'm ready to ride! But not this Saturday...I'm cross training - doing the company 5km x5 relay ! How about a ride the following Saturday?

    Two wheels good, three wheels best! :)
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    'lo Trikie...