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    The Dulwich Paragon organise a friendly road ride every Saturday which everyone is welcome to come along to. Since starting in the spring, we now have on average 30 riders a week, both men and women, of all ages and abilities! Check out below for details of all the DP's rides.

    Meet at Café St Germain on Crystal Palace Parade, leaving at 9am sharp for a 2-hour ride at a steady pace (average speed 15mph). There is a rota so that there is always a run leader (whatever the weather!). Route is fixed at 30 miles round trip: Anerley Hill, Elmers End, West Wickham, Corkscrew Hill, Layhams Lane, Beddlestead, Church Hill, Rag Hill, Spinning Wheel, Grays Road, Cudham Lane, Downe, New Road Hill, Jackass Lane, West Wickham, Elmers End, Crystal Palace. No one will be dropped, guaranteed!! Followed by coffee and cake at Cafe St Germain or Dulwich Picture Gallery. This is a great ride for those just getting into cycling, learning to ride in a group or for those who just want a relatively easy ride on a Saturday.

    Tuesdays / Thursdays:
    Tuesday and Thursday throughout the winter. Ride heads through Farnborough to Polhill and back. Meet 7:00pm at Elmers End roundabout, leave 7.15pm sharp. Note, that these rides are quite quick, and used by both our riders and other clubs' riders for some fairly serious training. Dropped riders are not normally waited for, but if this does happen to you, you can usually catch the group in its way back. With perseverance, most people develop enough fitness and technique to hang on and even share in the pacemaking pretty quickly! "Winter Route" from now on: Elmers End, West Wickham, Farnborough, Pratts Bottom, Polhill... return the same way in reverse.

    Clubruns leaving the French Café on Crystal Palace Parade. Arrive just before 9:30am if you want coffee and croissants; just after if you just want to get straight out on the ride. Particularly during the summer, some club members are away racing on Sundays, so we join forces with a few of the other local clubs (VCL, Brixton, Edwards) so that whatever your ability, there is a good chance you will find a group you enjoy riding with.

    Normally, the ride splits after an hour, with some riders heading off on a long brisk ride of around 80 miles while the others take a more measured pace covering about 50 miles.