Saturday Ride Video With Sil

Mr. Beanz

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Aug 18, 2015
Son in law David (the bald hippy
) did the ride for the first time. Lives 2 1/2 hours away and fairly new to cycling. Been commuting 16 miles per day total. He's never done anything over 25 so he wanted to try the 44. He did very well and we even let him in the front to break the wind a few times!

Did the ride on Saturday averaging 16.7. Gina and I on the tandem. He liked it so much he wanted to do it again on Sunday before they left town. I rode y single and Gina sat out that day. Ended up doing the same 44 miles at 18.1 average.
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Mr. Beanz, that is a great movie! Watching it lets me study the pedaling techniques. I'm not sure why the rider in the white jersey put both his hands on the thingie in the middle of the handlebar. (Excuse me, I'm still an uneducated rider of little bicycling sophistication.) I assume that everyone in your group uses clips -- SPD or similar? I myself use a hydration pack like your son-in-law does. I need it. Maybe when I get fitter I can do without it, but not quite right now. This is another great movie.

Thanks a ton

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Thanks Bob. The things on his handle bars are aerobars. Takes practice to get it right as they are unstable feeling. But they aid fighting the wind.i use SPD mountain bike type pedals as well as my SIL. But Alex in white uses Look pedals.

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