saturn, shroeder iron, webcor, prime alliance, who is next? Who's left to race??

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9/22/2003 Hi Everybody, I just had the news that next year Schroeder Iron Pro Cycling Team will be
no longer!I had signed a pre contract with the team and thought that everything looked good for
next year so I am gutted! I know Frank must have had good reasons for decideding to stop so I
hold no ill feelings towards Frank,infact I really enjoyed my time riding for the team. So this
leaves me in a major problem spot!4 teams have now stopped in the USA,and it's not looking so
great in europe for pro teams,I have emailed several teams so I just have to keep my fingers
crossed. I would still really like to carry on racing and ride the Olympics next year,but I
have bills to pay like everybody else. I'm gonna carry on racing as I planned till the
Southland Tour in November,If I hav'nt signed a contract for next year by then,then I will be
taking up a full-time working position(God Forbid)that I have been offered in Auckland.
So.......Mr Ferretti...if you get sick of Alessandro winning all those races and would like to
scale down a little bit to wins in the Cory Cup,then I'm your Man!(I know you read my site).
Thats all for now

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