Saving the EmbrunMan

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    You may know the Embrunman, one of the hardest ironman distance race taking place in the French
    Alps. Last year, ITU Long Distance world champion Cyril Neveu was barelly able to break the 10 hours
    mark to take the win and that was a very good time!!! Let's just say the course is a bit hilly ;).
    Sadly this beautiful race, that has been going on for 20 years, is facing some serious difficulties
    for its 2004 edition.

    Not only the local authorities have decided to drastically reduce the amount of policemen assigned
    to secure the race course, but they want the names and role of the 1300 volonteers 3 weeks in
    advance! Needless to say that with such constraints in place the race cannot take place...

    The next meeting with the authorities is scheduled on Feb 11th. To help the organisers we have put
    in place a support list, just sign your name & email address (no spam I promise) and may be put a
    word or two if you did the race or plan to it, that would seriously help them to show that the race
    is much more than an experience for a few masochists!

    You can sign the list here:

    If you want to know more about the Embrunman check out the unofficial web site: You can also find race reports on

    Thanks in advance for you support, Thierry Sourbier.