... scene through the proscenium,

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  1. .... scene through the proscenium,

    replenish and replete, two
    facades face one
    another, slender means you

    knew were squarely told around
    recto and verso
    freestanding in the glass-bound

    display. card players' delight,
    revered symbol blessed
    by this sleeping city of night,

    the museum escorted
    us deeper into
    the program note foreshadowed

    by a gloss so bright, he rushed
    back with antidote,
    stray parchment scrolled inward, hushed

    reprimand unfurled across
    the bridge of natural
    phenomena, another gloss

    reclaimed as art practicing
    virtuoso scales
    ascending stairs automatically

    toward the great granite bulk
    of the museum,
    where two guests pause now, to

    look at the inclined arousal
    of another hill
    beyond the hill, natural

    story of the story
    beyond the forest...

    ~ * ~

    Manner Gone By Creative Substances
    Of ~ Of TRADITION of FAMILY Of ~ Of
    Far From Through ~
    ~ Of Typography Right, Another Family of Logo ~
    * Ballet Takes a Step into the Vocabulary *
    * We Visit the Museum and Paint It *
    * The Flat of Film: A Relearned Art Lost *
    * Increased Typography: Thee ~ Overflowing Alice
    Of Letters Whirled
    In Bottom of the Rabbit Drain *
    * Of the Consulting Traditional Film Titles:
    Kids of Hitchcock with the Flicks of Witch Which Lick *
    * The Voyage of Lets? By Overwork ~ Avoid, Nosedive! *
    The Western Edge ~
    Theatre of The Sphere de Wood Shakespeare
    Of Production of Morning ~ In Addition to Central
    * Arts of Continuation * Embrumant Occupies * It Is a Star *

    ~ * ~
    Blog, or dog? Who knows.
    But if you see my lost pup, please bring him home!
    I got Leon a brand-new bone.

  2. Inc. Well

    "I have one who likes to put her head
    The water stream.

    Then she seems startled to find her fur wet.
    The same water is re-circulated
    Through a filter,

    So it is room temperature
    And clean."
    ~ Karen R.

    "Room temperature?

    .... or just hang
    Out on the mezzanine?

    .... say, U,
    And I,
    Let's just enjoy the piano player.

    .... or listen."
    ~ Twittering

    "I have cats who don't mind
    Their bath,

    But that's too much.
    The cat who's with me now

    Likes drinking

    >From a running faucet.

    He lets the water

    Run off the top of his head,
    While he's drinking."
    ~ George

    "Get that cat
    A Drinkwell!"
    ~ Karen R.

    "Or an Ink
    ~ Twittering

    "My left
    Shoelace had snapped
    Before lunch."

    ~ Nicholson Baker,
    >From "The Mezzanine"

    [p. 11]

    "Get that cat
    A Drinkwell!"
    ~ Karen R.

    "Or a Think ~

    Ink ~

    Well? Or so,
    I thought, after I asked,

    For what? To drink,

    Or think,
    Or spatter ink,
    Or pitter pat paws

    Around a pause ~ Peeking
    Round to see ~


    A listing
    Cat, listening.


    .... or think,
    Or spatter ink,
    Or pitter pat paws

    Around a pause ~ Peeking
    Round to see ~

  3. *

    ~ Folly

    "... O, yes, I hear ..."
    ~ Twittering

    "Is this Tangled
    ~ Folly

    The Disenchanted Forest,
    ~ Twittering

    "Greetings! Do you Tango,
    Know a kangaroo?"
    ~ Folly

    "Tango? Hm. Dunno.
    But I know Lance and Rew,
    And Kanga, too!"
    ~ Twittering

    Takes two
    .... O, don't you know?
    Takes two
    .... to do The Tango ~
    So, shall we dance,
    So shall we take a chance?
    So aggravated, I am, from dancing alone ~"
    ~ Folly

    "O, let's! Me, too,
    All home alone,
    Just me, Mum, my Skyline Phone."
    ~ Twittering

    "But O, I hear,
    Or so I'm told,
    You're writing a Divine Poem?"
    ~ Folly

    "Why, Golly, yes!
    And you must be, let me guess ~"
    ~ Twittering

    ~ Folly

    ~ Twittering

    ~ * ~
    ~ * ~ A Sign, Boarded Shingle
    Hung Out TO Dry ~ * ~
    ~ Just a Few
    Mad Chester Bands, Tunes To Win To! ~

    ~ * ~
    The Happy Mondays
    The Charlatans
    The Stone Roses
    The Inspiral Carpets
    The Mock Turtles
    New Order
    Sub Sub
    New Fast Automatic Daffodils

    ~ * ~

    "...but O,
    These memories kill."
    ~ Twittering


    "Ok I said something
    In another letter about looking at the sun
    With my telescope
    And people said I need a filter.
    Well I was looking around
    And I found this ~ Telescope Sun Filter 5.5" O.D.
    Celestron Meade Orion.
    ~ Holly

    "Filter, what that, and O, dear,
    What's Next?"
    ~ Twittering

    .... a sand barre ...

    New Fast Automatic Daffodils
    ~ Where Waves Washed
    Ashore, or
    The Big Dipper's Flock of Stars ~