Schlumpf Speed Drive

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Gene Cosloy

Help is requested for the following:I own a Bike E NX with the Schlumpf Speed Drive. Most of my
local bike dealers are not familiar with it. I have been experiencing skipping or slipping while the
Schlumpf is in speed drive mode and the rear cog is at 4 or sometimes 3 and 5. It never happened in
direct drive and it sounds and feels as if the chain is skipping over a tooth or so at the rear, not
the front. I have examined carefully the gear cluster and all teeth look fine. Likewise for the
chain which seems to have no frozen links. While I'm fearful that the Schumpf may be involved (I've
already tried adjusting the little button that pushes the drive from mode to mode with no change in
result) I'm hoping it is the internal gear in the freewheel itself that when the chain is close to
center position on the cluster and under fairly high load skips or slips. How can I test which is
the culprit here?

Regards, Gene Bike E NX, Burley Taiko, Vintage Frejus DF
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