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    I wrote to Schwalbe about the apparently excessive weight of their Marathon
    700x28 (510g) and Marathon Slick 700x30 (500g). Of all the tyres I've
    considered they're the only ones in the 500g+ range. This is the bulk of
    Schwalbe's swift response. I think it makes for interesting reading, both
    about their justification for the weight (they claim 6,000 to 12,000km for
    the Marathon) and about how Continental calculates their TPI:

    "You are right if you say our Marathon tyres are mostly
    heavier than other high performance tyres. Reason for this
    is, that the Marathons are made for long life, low wear and
    safe riding. All tyres you are mentioning are light weight
    skin tyres with thin tread and without sidewall rubber. The
    Marathon, as well as Marathon Slick are very strong due to a
    special sidewall rubber film reinforcement and long lasting
    because of a thicker tread with special compounds. I think
    this is a key for our success all over Europe, as bicycles
    purpose here is mostly everydays use. We can of course also
    provide real lightweight tyres. For example our Stelvio 28-
    622 is only 325g with Kevlar breaker. Please be advised,
    that the TPI's mentioned by Continental can not be compared
    with TPI values from other manufacturers. Conti adds up the
    TPI's of all carcass layers of one tyre. If we would do so,
    our Marathon would have 150 TPI whereas Marathon Slick would
    be 201 TPI. Stelvio is at least 335 TPI as there are two
    additional carcass layers (overall 5) for puncture

    I haven't found an Australian price for the Stelvio but
    Performance have them for USD39.99.


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    wonder how they came up with their product name.
    Marathon, hmmmm, long lasting, big distance.....

    I used a specialized fatboy 1inch slicks for about a year and they were incredibly quick but cornered like carp and punctured everytime you read a speedhump sign

    Conti Travel Contacts now for commuting. excellent