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Jun 24, 2015
Hi all;

Looking for Schwalbe tires in the size range of 35-38 for cross bike. Any experience or recommendation for a particular model with flat protection?

They have an excellent reputation from my reading. This is for hard pack gravel paths (rail conversions) that run throughout my area.
The only Schwalbe tires I have any experience with are the cheap entry-level Luganos that came stock on a couple of bikes over the years. The first set lasted longer than the bike, which developed a seat tube crack right about the 4,000 mile mark. Aluminum frame.

The second set came on my current ride, a C-dale CF Synapse. C-dale had to save pennies somewhere, and it was on the tires and the FSA crank. They lasted about 4000 road miles and three months on the trainer. The front had some life left to it, but I swapped them out for an almost new set of Bobtrager R3s that were on a bike that got ruined by a car crashing into it.

I had only one on-the-road flat, which happened when I ran over some scrap metal on the shoulder. One mystery flat in my basement overnight, which I later attributed to hitting a pothole and pinching a mile from the end of a ride at dusk, the night before.

Luganos seem to only come in wire bead models. They're a $25 tire most commonly found on under-$1000 bikes.
I've been running Sammy Slicks, they roll nicely and haven't had any issues with flats. They can be a bit squirrelly on descents with loose gravel, but not a deal breaker.
Not the longest lasting tire, though. The rear is showing serious wear after about 600 miles combined gravel and pavement. If you ride pavement with them, the rear will be a 1000 mile tire. Probably double that if ridden on dirt.
My Warbird came with Sammy Slicks and I have been less than impressed. Compared to the Knard 41mm on my Crosscheck they do not roll as well, are less comfortable and don't handle as well on gravel. In addition wet pavement grip seems pretty poor.
On the other hand Schwalbe Marathons have been very durable and handle well. I would probably suggest Marathon Mondial for your application.
Marathon Supremes work perfectly in our area, as long as you stay away from the gravel pits, and mud bogs
Not that I have anything against Schwalbe, but I'd like to point out Conti Cyclocross Speed.

Use to ride them on my Felt FX75 for commuting, loose and hard pack. It's no GatorSkin, but punctures were never a constant issue.
I'm using marathon Plus on several bikes..

the road pavement may end, but you dont have to stop and change your tires then , just keep on Going.

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