Schwinn Moab 2



What does everyone think of the Schwinn Moab 2 frame? Does anyone know for certain if the Moab 3 and Moab 2 have the same frame?
I don;t know much about that particular frame, but Schwinn are amongst the best frame builders in the world IMO.
im ot to sure on that myself but from my experiences the columbus tubig is the best and most hand built frames are the best especially italian and spanish makes and of course the american trek and cannondale.
Schwinn's have/had a great rep (although I've never ridden one myself). Beware - they have been bought out by Pacific and they have been screwing people (even pro racers) on their warranties and race rewards. Pacific sells to discount stores and from what I've heard, they plan to discontinue their high end bikes.

sorry if I've depressed you.