Schwinn Peloton Pro or Mongoose Bosberg


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Apr 3, 2006
i work as a bike tech for dicks sporting goods (during summer/holidays, im a full time college student). i can get bikes at about half off retail...

im riding an 80's schwinn as of now and have been waiting to upgrade for a 2 years now.

manufacturers i can order from are Schwinn, GT, Mongoose, and Diamondback.

i am looking at a bike around the list price of $2500.

ive pretty much narrowed it down to the Schwinn Peloton Pro or the Mongoose Bosberg. i didnt know about the Mongoose bike until today. Before then, i was set on the Schwinn...

i am wondering which bike is better. im not too familiar with the components on the Mongoose bike, but i kinda like the look of it better (not a huge consideration though).

both are full carbon fiber bikes (frame/fork). both are about the same price. the Schwinn weighs just under 18lbs (large) and the Mongoose weighs just under 16lbs.

please look at the links below to each bike (each bike also has a bike review once you click the link, i'd look at that too please). i need help deciding which one to get. im probably ordering in two days. thanks...
Me, I'd go for the Schwinn for two reasons: the Ultegra components and the Mavic wheelset. One major difference is the crankset, the Schwinn has a compact crank vs. the 53/39 on the Mongoose and both have an 11t small cog so the Mongoose will have more at the top end. The Ultegra shifters are very nice. Not sure about the SRAM Double Tap, maybe someone with experience could explain their operation.