Scientifically Designed and Manufactured Health And Beauty Products



The company that makes thiese wonderful products is official olympic sponsor of the US and Canadian
ice skating teams.

They fully guarantee the contents and potency of their products.

Judged #1 in North America in comparative guide to Nutritional Supplements, which covered over 500

Judged 'Best of State' award by Utah business community.

Products include:

Multiminerals and mega antioxidants for optimal nutrition.

Multivitamins geared for children and teenagers.

Optimizer range of products : Proflavanol, CoQuinone, OptOmega, Selenium 25, Ginkgo to name a few.

Phytelle for hormone changes in women.

Macro-Optimizers for meal supplements: Nutrimeal, Fibergy SioyaMax, Nutrition Bars

Skin and Hair care products: Daily Cleanser, Hydrating Toner, Serum Intensive, Eye Nourisher,
Daytime Protective Emulsion etc to name a few.

For a complete list and description of these wonderful products please contact me and I will forward
the information to you.