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  1. Scientists discover sugar controlling molecules in mice

    Thursday, August 7, 2003

    Indraprasth - Scientists in the United States have
    discovered a molecule which has been found to lower the
    blood sugar levels in diabetic mice, a development which
    may help controlling diabetes in future.

    A team of scientists led by Joseph Grippo and Joseph
    Grimsby at the Hoffmann-La Roche in New Jersey discovered
    a molecule which activates an enzyme called
    'glucokinase'. The enzyme is important in the
    manifestation of diabetes.

    The researchers tested the activator on islet cells, the
    pancreatic cells that secrete insulin. The drug coaxed
    rat islet cells to release insulin even when glucose
    levels were not that high. It could help diabetics who
    produce too little of insulin, a report in journal
    Science said.

    The drug acted on the rat liver cells too. When exposed
    to the drug, they released less glucose than usual,
    easing another major problem of diabetes patients, the
    report said.

    Further studies confirmed that the activator was
    targeting glucokinase in both pancreatic and liver cells.

    Insulin is a hormone that shuttles glucose into cells.
    When the pancreas produces too little insulin or the body
    does not respond to it properly, cells do not absorb
    enough glucose and blood sugar levels go high.

    There is no perfect therapy for this condition, but most
    drugs tackle the problem either by increasing insulin
    production or enhancing cell's sensitivity to insulin. In
    severe cases, patients rely on insulin injection, it
    said. The condition damages blood vessels and other
    tissues, the report said.

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