sdg seatposts

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  1. For those who might be thinking of falling into this trap let me warn
    you .
    I got a Dahon with a special seatpost by SDG.Dahon are fond of these
    ..They are light , but only fit special saddles made for them.There are
    now a number of saddles available, but all are expensive and none meet
    the problem of personal preference for a particular type, especially if
    you like brooks.If they ever do a brooks it will top 100gbp.
    Now I have stripped a thread on the saddle clamp.The importers say NO
    SPARE PARTS are available and it will need a new post.I have been able
    to cope with a bolt and nut from the bits box, but there is no way I
    would consider getting one of these gadgets again.
    The Dahon fora are full of people with the same view, but they continue
    to be fitted by Dahon.
    Avoid them.