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> > I'm getting chafing on the buttocks from the padding seams with my
> > various (cheap) shorts and winter longs (mostly Crane, from Aldi). Apart
> > from the chafing problem, the gear I use now works fine for me. I'd like
> > to solve the chafing problem without braking the bank.
> >
> > Can anyone recommend (brand and model) skin tight padded cycling
> > clothing that has really good quality seams? I'm after a pair of shorts
> > and winter longs (not bibs).

> My mate Andrew will be along presently to recommend Assos, but Wiggle have
> some Campag ones on special offer just now at a reasonable price, and
> they're very good. Yes, quality cycling clothes are expensive, but if you
> don't crash in them the good ones last a long time. And
> they're /comfortable/.
> Last year I bought Polaris because I was feeling too stingy to buy Campag.
> I got so I was feeling sandpapered - chafed raw - in places one would
> really rather not be sandpapered. I've come to the conclusion that the
> bits of me I sit on while I'm cycling are actually quite important to me,
> and - well - I'm worth it.

I have had two problems of chafing with shorts.

1. Having succumbed to the advertising for 8 panel shorts, I found that
the pad was smaller and chafing occurred as a result, along the seam
between the pad and the nylon/elastaine of the shorts. This may depend
on the shorts, saddle and one's own geometry! I have now gone back to 6
panel, which I find more comfortable; I think the pad is wider.

2. On long rides over several days or weeks, I found that sweating
caused chafing on the bum between the pelvis bone, on which one sits,
and the saddle (Brooks). Vaseline as a lubricant fixed the problem.


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